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The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - Singapore

Co-Active Coaching Courses
Co-Active Coaching Courses - Singapore

Co-Active® Corporate Solutions

The Co-Active® coaching model is designed to generate transformational change, an evolution that extends from individuals and into organisations. CTI has played an essential role in changing the thinking and results of the corporate world, through our proliferation of Co-Active® principles in a variety of coach and leadership training modalities.

Partners In Transformation

Through Co-Active® Coach training programmes, all of which are offered in the UK, we have enabled the business world to have stronger executive leadership, greater team effectiveness and emerging leadership development by establishing transformative Co-Active® cultures.

CTI has provided corporate coaching programmes for many of the Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, many of which are European-based or have significant presence in Europe and the Middle East.

For Co-Active® Corporate solutions please contact Rachel Suckle at CTI corporate solutions

Co-Active® culture is key to business transformation

Most organisations today hire, measure and reward people based on what they do. Less time is spent on who people are - the person behind the role. CTI supports organisations in learning how to engage with employees' beliefs and aspirations to increase retention and drive productivity.

Dimensional leadership for an increasingly complex world

CTI believes that leadership has many dimensions. In any one moment, we may be called upon to inspire others, then in the next to co-lead, take a supporting role in championing another's talent, or position ourselves as a catalyst for change when things become chaotic or unpredictable.