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The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - Singapore

Co-Active Coaching Courses
Co-Active Coaching Courses - Singapore
Stage 1.

Co-Active® Coaching FUNDAMENTALS

  • 2.5 days
  • Prerequisite for intermediate series
Registrations are currently supported through our London office.
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Fundamentals course info...

Training fees

Stage 2.

Co-Active® Coaching

  • 4x 3-day in-person workshops
  • Fri and Sat 09:00-17:00
  • Sunday 08:30-16:30

    Standard Track

    Fundamentals is a prerequisite.
  • SG 12

    Fulfillment 19-21 Oct 2018
    Balance 16-18 Nov 2018
    Process 14-16 Dec 2018
    Synergy 11-13 Jan 2019
    Venue: Mandarin Orchard
    In progress

  • SG 13

    Fulfillment 22-24 Feb 2019
    Balance 22-24 Mar 2019
    Process 12-14 Apr 2019
    Synergy 10-12 May 2019
    Venue: TBD

Intermediate series info...

Training Fees

Workshops must be taken in sequential order. If you have a particular date in any series which conflicts with your schedule - speak to an advisor who can offer flexible solutions, if available.


To assist on a course in Singapore - students may apply to assist on any CTI course for which they are a graduate.

For the assisting application process please see here...

Stage 3.

Co-Active® Coaching

  • CPCC Programme
  • 6 month virtually delivered
  • Once having completed the Process workshop students may register to join a CPCC Certification pod.

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The Co-Active®
Leadership Model

Co-Active Leadership

3-day Leadership Experience

  • Mar29

    Fri 29th Mar, 09h00-17h30
    Sat 30th Mar, 09h00-17h30
    Sun 31st Mar, 09h00-16h30
    Venue: Grand Copthorne
    Price: $1,425.00 US

  • Jun7

    Fri 7th Jun, 09h00-17h30
    Sat 8th Jun, 09h00-17h30
    Sun 9th Jun, 09h00-16h30
    Venue: Grand Copthorne
    Price: $1,425.00 US

  • Sep27

    Fri 27th Sep, 09h00-17h30
    Sat 28th Sep, 09h00-17h30
    Sun 29th Sep, 09h00-16h30
    Venue: Grand Copthorne
    Price: $1,425.00 US

  • Dec13

    Fri 13th Dec, 09h00-17h30
    Sat 14th Dec, 09h00-17h30
    Sun 15th Dec, 09h00-16h30
    Venue: Grand Copthorne
    Price: $1,425.00 US

10-month Leadership Programme

Discover the soul of your leadership in this 10 month programme, including 4 residential retreats.

A full list of CTI's program dates, worldwide.

The above programmes are being held in our Spain location - region Sitges, approx. 50mins south of Barcelona.

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