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Co-Active Coaching Courses - Singapore

Laurent Vuibert MBA, PCC, CPCC

CTI Faculty; Coach Training, Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach

Laurent Vuibert CPCCLaurent has always been passionate about accelerating emerging transformations with a focus on people as catalysts through their ability to choose. He is grateful that he had the opportunity to learn from his many experiences in this domain, be it in partnerships, in relationships, in social shifts, in business ventures.

As a coach and facilitator, he does the same with his clients during their coaching sessions: he facilitates the articulation of their aspirations for impact with the development of efficient attitudes and intentional behaviors so that they can become the leaders they aspire to be.

His clients and partners appreciate his ability to bring about unique perspectives and hold the mirror for them to own their authority and create worlds they want to live in. Laurent’s coaching work has led him to Mauritius, China, Europe, Africa and North America, in addition to his home base South East Asia where he has supported the development of companies across a large variety of industries such as:

IFF, NOKIA, Facebook, GRAB, BASF, British Petroleum, Standard Chartered Bank, Credit Suisse, HSBC, the Rogers Group, Sephora, UNICEF, the Singapore Civil Service College..

Laurent’s main focus during his coaching assignments has been on transition, leadership, intrapreneuship and integration post M&A, be it in 1:1 or team settings.

In his free time, Laurent likes to cultivate grounding and centering practices such as Ashtanga yoga and Vipassana meditation, but his biggest teachers remain his two young daughters.

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